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A Private Fee Only Service

I do not sell securities, insurance, or other products, but rather I help people to evaluate their financial health, goals, and estate planning needs and options. In the truest sense, I am an independent private fee for service family advisor. I found this approach to be an easier and safer way to conduct my financial investment planning activities.

I realize that some commission-based products are very good, yet I have always believed that by suggesting commission-based products may inevitably undermine the faith in the my recommendations, hence I do not sell investment products. I offer unbiased recommendations completely free of a financial incentive that may result in a conflict of interest.

Under my fee for service compensation method, I charge a fee for the preparation of the financial plan, education & clarity, assistance in the implementation when possible, and the analysis of investments and needs.

I do not receive compensation, directly or indirectly, from anyone other than the person that I am helping. My livelihood is sole-dependent on the quality of service that I provide hence most people find that my fees are slightly higher than that of an accountant, but lower than that of an attorney.

If you would like more information about my private fee for services, and you live in the state of Illinois- please send me an e-mail at or call Sandra at 708-280-2177 and schedule an appointment.